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“Feedback from my rep in Omaha was very positive.  Easy to use and one of our very large accounts also were impressed with this instrumentation.”

from a Sr. Manager Field Technical Support in the USA
using the Model 869 ppb dissolved oxygen rental unit
October 2019

The equipment is “working very well.  Very reliable.  So far, so good.”

from an I&E Planner in a Canadian Pulp and Paper Mill
using the Model 2230XP Thermo Orion Silica Monitors with the Model 535-4 IC Controls Multi-Stream Sample Sequencer
on the Steam Drum outlet piping on both their Recovery Boiler and Bark Boiler
May 2019

These probes are working excellent for us.

from an Instrument Technologist at a Metallurgical Operation
using the Model 602-5HF-7-8-12-17-32 pH sensor
December 2018

“The service we received on our 2230XP was fast and excellent.  I feel that Adam went out of his way to get the parts and repair and clean the analyzer very fast.”

from an I&E Technician in a Canadian Power Plant
using the Model 2230XP Thermo Orion Silica Monitor
Sep 2018

“I have heard positive feedback from the guys saying it was one of the better training sessions we had, not too long and some good practical tips on how to maintain and troubleshoot the unit. … Oh, the food was great too, we’re still eating it today

from a Lunch ‘n Learn training session attendee in the Power Generation Industry
using the Model 2111XP Thermo Orion Sodium Monitor
May 2016

Customer has been using IC Controls for years with a high level of satisfaction

from our Distributor about their customer in the Pulp and Paper Industry
using our Model 655-8  pH analyzer and Model 605 pH sensor

May 2015

Customer is very happy with our products.  This application has shown to be very reliable and perform wonderfully\

from our Distributor about their customer, measuring the effluent at their cogeneration plant to meet government regulations.
using the Model 210-P pH analyzer and Model 602 pH sensor

May 2015

We are impressed with the ability of this unit to sustain -23C temperatures.  We had a malfunction with the air blower at the wastewater treatment plant which drained the tank and left the LDO probe exposed to air, however no damage was incurred!.”

from  a Waste Water Treatment Plant Technician