In 1979, IC Controls was a founded as a company with a future oriented outlook for a clean environment and quality of life for people. Since then, our vision at IC Controls has not changed. Today, we are continually evolving. IC controls recognizes the importance of sustainability and making it a part of how we do business. We consider sustainable initiatives to be common sense, and have always based our success on our commitment to quality.

IC Controls understands that thinking green, and using our resources responsibly, is the right thing to do. Our recycling program, energy efficient equipment, and waste saving manufacturing systems lower our impact on the environment, and have always made sense for our business.
However, sustainability extends much further than our company’s daily initiatives. True sustainability comprises meeting the economic, environmental, and social needs of our community, employees, and customers, while being able to preserve and improve the living environment for future generations to do the same.

Our foundation for sustainability at IC Controls rests on our guiding principles:

Respect for Resources – Committed to preserving the quality of our natural environment, it is important to us to understand the needs of the industries we supply to so that our products may work harmoniously with their processes, to achieve compliance and ensure the utmost safety and quality for natural resources. Our commitment is extended to our community through volunteer initiatives to protect and support local water resources.

Innovative Technology – Continually providing innovative and advanced measurement technology to improve our environment, and control global industries economically, is our mission. The working environment at IC Controls is a highly qualified production team, integrating mechanical, chemical, software, electronics, quality control, and product development into each product we manufacture. IC Controls is also dedicated to educational partnerships. We currently offer co-operative opportunities to sophisticated students from Canada’s top educational institutions, providing innovative and fresh insight for our industry.

Passion for Quality – Our high quality, precision scientific instruments meet a standard of excellence, used by chemists and engineers to improve the performance of their processes to ensure a safe and clean environment. We support the well-being of our employees to ensure dedication and commitment is incorporated into each one of our Canadian made products.

IC Controls strives to continually meet the demands and expectations of a changing world. By offering products at the forefront of technical advancements and quality, we are helping improve processes for our customers in various industries, so that they can continue to meet increasingly stringent government and environmental challenges. Through our continual efforts, we will be able to provide the necessary means of improving our natural environment and standards for living.

Commitment to Our Customers

IC Controls is an application oriented company that strives to meet your needs and expectations. It is our commitment to you, our customer, to provide friendly, responsive, and reliable service and support. Your business matters to us. We pride ourselves on offering on-time delivery, a knowledgeable and caring production team, and products that surpass your expectations. All products are backed by our technical experts to ensure quality, durability, trouble-free performance, and outstanding technical support.