• Cyanide Processes Description
Cyanide-containing waste is produced in various industries such as mining and electroplating. Processes such as stripping, cleaning, and plating generate wastes that can include metal cyanide complexes with alkaline iron, nickel, zinc, cadmium, copper, silver, and gold. Wastes containing cyanide are required by both US EPA law 40 CFR part 413 & 433.” and Ontario, Canada, 560/94 to be discharged below 1 ppm monthly. These levels may be decreased in the future.
  • Cyanide Process Sustainability
  • Three Processes
  • Industry Applications, configuration 1: Jewelers, Municipalies, Low or Intermittent Flow
  • Industry Applications: configuration 2: Gold Mines, Precious Metal Mines, Long Intermittent Flow or Continuous Flow Capacity.

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