The newly enhanced Orion™ pHR Process Ross electrode (CML# SH36A9E115, SH36A9E 210, SH36A9E220 or SH36A9E230 versions) is available for sale, beginning March 16, 2017.

This Process Ross electrode offers high performance in various aqueous applications including high pressure conditions for more efficient process in-line control. Our Ross electrode technology provides accurate and drift-free measurements with a robust design for longer lifetime. An updated datasheet is attached for reference.

A key enhancement to the pHR Process Ross electrode includes a modification to the salt bridge with the following benefits:

  • Enhanced performance at higher pressure applications within the 0-100psig range.
  • Extended operational life between replenishments of the Ross Electrode inner solution.

Consumables such as the salt bridge kits CML# SBPHR-1 and SBPHR-3 will also be available with the new enhanced salt bridge.