Why does IC Controls use Silver/Silver Chloride pH Reference Electrodes?
The silver/silver chloride (or Ag/AgCl) reference has advantages for use in the industrial pH market. First, the temperature stability is good in applications ranging up to 105ºC (220ºF). Plus, with stabilizers added, accurate pH measurements can be taken to temperatures in excess of 125ºC (260ºF). The silver/silver chloride reference has become an IC Controls standard.

Why not use Calomel vs. Silver/Silver Chloride Reference?
Like the glass electrode there are also different types of reference electrodes that can be utilized in any given pH measurement. The two common references are the calomel electrode and the silver/silver chloride reference. The Calomel electrode is not used in industrial applications because the electrode breaks down when the temperature exceeds 80ºC or 175ºF. It is also part mercury, which is a health hazard.