Return Authorization

Please fill in the form below.

Our service department will review the information you provide. They will attempt to assist you with the product before issuing a return authorization. Then you will receive an e-mail with the Return Authorization Number (RA#) detailing the cleaning, packaging and shipping instructions for the product(s) you are returning. Please do not send any shipments to us before obtaining an RA# and be sure to sign, complete and send a copy of the hazardous material declaration in the shipment.


Return Authorization

Service / Warranty / Sales Evaluations

  1. Send a copy of your PO for a 1 hour evaluation fee. We cannot begin the evaluation until your PO is received. If your return is deemed warranty then the evaluation and service fees will be waived.
  2. For equipment in critical service applications, please issue a purchase order for replacement equipment and then return the original equipment for evaluation.

Returning for Credit:

  1. Must be within 60 days of invoice date.
  2. Must be in new, unused, unmarked and resalable condition.
  3. Products with expiry dates and shelf life are not eligible for return.
  4. Products that were custom made are not eligible for return.
  5. Restocking charges may apply.


Return Authorization

Return authorization form