Capable of multiplexing up to four sample streams on a time-sharing basis, this PLC-based system provides samples to either a continuous-mode analyzer or a batch-mode analyzer. Each measurement is differentiated via separate sample-and-hold 4-20 mA analog outputs. Enclosed in a rugged IP 66 NEMA 4X rated corrosion-resistant non-metallic enclosure and easy-to-use user interface, the model 535 is optimized for Thermo Scientific Orion analyzers to require minimal set-up out of the box.





Technical Article – Sample Stream Switching versus Dedicated Analyzers in Online Process Water Monitoring

Reducing analytical equipment costs by sharing analyzers across several sample streams is an attractive notion which can yield some technical benefits To ensure meaningful measurements however, care must be taken to apply a sample sequencing solution to appropriate test points and with the necessary precautions in the process being analyzed.  This article describes the pros and cons of using sample stream sequencers (aka “switchers” or “selectors”) as well as proposes some basic guidelines for their uses .

  • Continuous versus Batch Analyzers
  • Sample Integrity
  • Absolute or Relative Measurement
  • Automated Sample Sequencing



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