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Power generation is vitally important to global economies and in day-to-day life. As the demand for low-cost power increases as well as the need to produce with minimal environmental impact, process requirements have become more stringent. To meet these needs, process instrumentation must be precise and reliable. IC Controls has over 30 years of experience obtaining process water measurements in challenging environments such as Ultrapure water in power plants with steam turbines. As the Canadian distributor for Thermo Scientific process products, IC Controls provides sales and support for the Orion analyzer line and ROSS pH sensors used extensively in this industry.

  • 2002SS – Thermo Orion Conductivity Sensor
  • 2002CC – Thermo Orion Conductivity Sensor
  • AquaPro – Thermo Orion AquaPro Multi-Input Process Analyzer
  • 401 – IC Controls Hot Condensate Sensor
  • 402 – IC Controls High Purity Conductivity Sensor
  • 403– IC Controls Ball Valve Retractable Conductivity Sensor
  • 210-C – IC Controls Conductivity Analyzer

  1. Nova Analytical Systems – Model 436 series Tri-Gas Analyzer – for  purity and purging of hydrogen cooled generators
  2. Nova Analytical Systems – Model 380 series Portable Tri-Gas Analyzer – for hydrogen/carbon dioxide/air purging
  3. Nova Analytical Systems – Model 382 series Portable Tri-Gas Analyzer – for hydrogen/carbon dioxide/air purging, with separate oxygen display.