Sample Conditioning

  • IC Controls can integrate your Thermo Orion analyzer onto our portable sampling cart system. Specifically designed for Thermo Orion 2100 series analyzers.   Equipped with sample conditioning for hot water samples and the required inlet connection and mounting provisions for a Thermo Orion analyzer, the Portable Sample Cart provides convenient high purity water analysis. With connections for cooling water and sample, it can be moved virtually anywhere in a plant to facilitate the measurement of a given parameter such as sodium or calcium. A sample cooler, pressure regulator with gauge and temperature gauge are incorporated on the panel to assist in monitoring the sample inlet. Wheels can be locked to resist the cart being moved and their orientation can be set in 90° increments to help in positioning the system.      
  • 316 SS Industrial Process Sampler

    We understand your need for a clean, representative, trouble-free sample for your on-line process monitors. Conventional filtering techniques accumulate dirt particles on the filter media until the media clogs and is replaced. The tangential filtration technique used in the model 521, however, passes virtually all of the particulate through the unit untouched.
  • 535 Multi-Stream Sample Sequencer

    Capable of multiplexing up to four sample streams on a time-sharing basis, this PLC-based system provides samples to either a continuous-mode analyzer or a batch-mode analyzer. Each measurement is differentiated via separate sample-and-hold 4-20 mA analog outputs. Enclosed in a rugged IP 66 NEMA 4X rated corrosion-resistant non-metallic enclosure and easy-to-use user interface, the model 535 is optimized for Thermo Scientific Orion analyzers to require minimal set-up out of the box.
    • Compact panel/surface mount design
    • Supports both continuous ( e.g. sodium) and batch (e.g. silica) type analyzers
    • Intuitive 4.3” touchscreen user interface with a menu-driven program providing micro and macro views of the sequencing process.
    • Sample and hold analog outputs for individual streams, digital outputs for stream number and alarm indication
    • Automatic and manual modes
    • User-configurable sample and flush times for all streams
    • Bypass mode to allow a combination of streams to be bypassed
    • Trend graph display for each stream
    • All stainless steel valve manifold
  • 24 Volt DC Power Supply

    The 540 continuous duty industrial supply comes in an IP65 (NEMA 4X) surface type 10x10x5 cm (4x4x2 inch) water-shedding and corrosion-resistant PVC housing, that can be easily surface mounted in the plant to supply up to six 24 VDC 4-20 mA loops. The 540 supply powers loop series devices such as two-wire transmitters, PID controllers, digital indicators, and logic devices, that draw their power from the two 24 VDC wires.
  • The 1803 steam conditioner is designed to take a high pressure steam sample (such as the process steam used in power plants, paper mills and oil refineries) and reduce the temperature and pressure down to the levels required by our online monitors. Process steam is used in many industries; it is the analysis of this steam that has made online monitors so important in the power, paper, petrochemical and other industries.   Need it a portable configuration instead?
    • A2303011 Sampling Cart system - integrate your analyzer onto our cart portable sampling cart system.