• 2109XP Thermo Orion Fluoride Monitor

    We are driven to improve your water quality and ensure safe drinking water for our communities today as well as those emerging globally -- let us show you a new world of possibilities.
  • 2111XP Thermo Orion Sodium Monitor

    DIPA = General Use Sodium Monitor - used for 0.1 ppb to 10 ppm applications, where really low sodium levels are not encountered.   Innovative technology DIPA reagent and easy to use. Replaces 1811LL. Cation = Measures in the highly acidic cation exchanger outlet. Used in the 1.0 ppb to 200 ppm range.  Used for Cation Exchanger regeneration made easy. Replaces 1811AO. Ammonia = Used where low ammonium hydroxide reagent cost is more important than low end ammonia ion error. Detection limit of 0.3 ppb to 200 ppm sodium.   Need it to be portable?
    • A2303011 Sampling Cart system - integrate your analyzer onto our cart portable sampling cart system.
    • A2100095 Crate system - same configuration as our popular sodium rental system.
    • Rental System - portable sodium crate system
    Need to measure multiple streams? 
    • 535 Multi Stream Sample Sequencer
    Need to condition your sample?
    • 1803 online Steam Conditioner
    • A2303011 portable Sampling Cart
  • 2117HL Thermo Orion High Level Chloride Analyzer

    Real-time analysis of chloride levels are essential across many industrial applications. Used to maintain the proper chloride balance in many food and beverage products as well as in the prevention of stress corrosion failures -- we have the system to optimize your process.
  • 2117XP Thermo Orion Chloride Analyzer

    We provide chloride detection with rapid response -- your best defense against the costly effects of corrosion. Let us show you how to trust your water chemistry results and maximize turbine efficiency with ease.