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For trace level of dissolved oxygen, parts per billion (ppb) or micrograms per liter (µg/L) is the unit typically used. Similar to parts per million measurement, it reports the amount of oxygen gas dissolved in water.  Applications for online measurement of ppb levels though typically utilize different technology than that of ppm levels, such as galvanic sensors, in order to achieve the required accuracy.

One of the primary applications for online monitoring of parts per billion level DO measurement is in boiler water for corrosion control. Left unchecked, dissolved oxygen can cause pitting and has the potential to cause damage to various components of boiler systems such as condensate lines and economizers.

IC Controls specializes in galvanic DO technology capable of measuring trace levels down to 0.1 ppb. In addition, since no external voltage is applied to the sensor, it provides a “true zero” measurement – the sensor reads zero when there is zero dissolved oxygen present. Designed from the outset with the goal to survive extreme conditions, our products improve process control, reduce operating costs and increase yields … while sustaining our rivers, lakes and streams for everyone’s enjoyment.