Greater stability and reliability, with ± 0.02 pH precision over long periods of time. Virtually drift resistant, saving valuable time by reducing calibration frequency while maximizing up-time.

2001SC High Purity ROSS Electrode Benefits

  • Unmatched drift-free reference system — with precision of 0.02 pH
  • Reliable, reproducible results in high purity samples
  • Fastest response for online pH electrodes
  •  Unparalleled pH response to temperature changes
  •  Eliminates junction potential problems associated with conventional electrodes
  •  Industry leading UPW pH sensor technology is compatible with standard terminal connections on most pH controllers
Configured in a panel: A2303005 direct connect, A2303006 with preamp for long leads.


  • Boiler Water
  • Condensate
  • Bottling Water
  • Municipal Water
  • Water for Injection
  • Water for Fabrication


  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Semiconductor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Drinking Water