Beer DO and CO₂ Rental

/Beer DO and CO₂ Rental

Beer DO and CO₂ Rental

Immediately measure your DO and COlevels from your packaged product, or DO in your tanks before the packaging process.

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Measurement for Beer

  • Optimize flavour – test across multiple product lines to see how DO varies
  • See how beer ages over time – test various ages of a single product line
  • Determine Total Package Oxygen using our TPO calculator
  • Stabilize flavour and increase shelf life by minimizing DO content – identify where Oxygen may be entering the process


  • Test the carbonation of beer, the consistency of its head by measuring the CO2 content across multiple batches.
  • Test and optimize your brewing procedure to ensure a consistent quality of beer every time- using the CO2 measurement device

Rental terms and conditions apply. Weekly or  monthly rental periods. Rental units are only available for shipment in Canada and the United States of America.

Interested in a quote? Please contact us today! Our rental units move fast and are usually in use in the field for long periods of time.


Rental System:

  • Hamilton Beverly DO analyzer
  • Zahm & Nagel CO2 Tester and Piercing device for measuring CO2 and sampling DO from a package (can/bottle)
  • Crossbar assembly for measuring dissolved oxygen including tubing (1/4 ” x 3/8″ tubing for nitrogen gas supply)
  • Crossbar assembly for measuring dissolved CO2
  • Perlick sample valve adapter with 3/8″ I.D. hose for sampling DO from a tank
  • Quick start guide

Available Nitrogen tank:

  • 1.5L tank volume, good for approximately 40 package samples depending on size
  • 1/4″ barb fitting for connection to DO crossbar assembly
  • Flow regulator: 0 to 8 Lpm @15psi


  • Accurate measurements in the range of 4 ppb to 25 ppm in beer sampled from a package (can/ bottle) or from a tank
  • DO meter features an optical sensor and simple user interface
  • Piercing device provided with two separate crossbar assemblies including hoses to allow ease of changeover between DO and CO2 measurement
  • Perlick sample valve and hose provided for sampling from tank
  • Quick-disconnect hose fittings
  • Pre-calibrated at IC Controls

This system also available for purchase P/N A2303013.   Request a quote today!


TPO Calculator

This calculator is intended as an aid in calculating Total Packaged Oxygen for the Beer DO rental – P/N R1000700.

Quick Start Guide - DO Measurement

A basic guide that provides instructions to immediately begin measuring dissolved oxygen levels in packaged beer products.

Quick Start Guide - CO2 Measurement

A basic guide that provides instructions to immediately begin measuring volumes of CO2 in packaged beer products.

Quick Start Guide - DO Measurement from a Tank

A basic guide that provides instructions to immediately begin measuring dissolved oxygen content from tanks throughout the brewing process.


  • DO measurement in Bright beer tank prior to canning/ bottling
  • DO and CO2 measurement from a bottle or can
  • DO monitoring during filtration
  • DO measurement of purged Bright beer tank


As a new company investing in costly equipment and trying to meet your customer’s needs is a delicate balance. IC Controls service and support is fantastic and was able to work with our specific needs. The whole process from start to finish was very efficient and was able to increase our customer trust and increase our business credibility without the expensive overhead.  The equipment was in perfect working condition and their instructions and videos were all the resources we needed to start right out of the box. “

Patrick Sanecki, CHE
Tap Hopper Canning
May 2018





IC Controls’ dissolved oxygen rental system for beer provides a convenient method of measuring DO and TPO. It is neat to be able to see the effect of package age for the same product as well as the differences between products. Overall, I am stoked that we can verify quality throughout the brewing process without having to invest in the equipment or maintain it!

Andrew Kohnen
Hockley Valley Brewing Company
July 2017






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