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2001SC ROSS®High Purity pH Electrode

Greater stability and reliability, with ± 0.02 pH precision over long periods of time. Virtually drift resistant, saving valuable time by reducing calibration frequency while maximizing up-time.

2001SC High Purity ROSS Electrode Benefits

  • Unmatched drift-free reference system — with precision of 0.02 pH
  • Reliable, reproducible results in high purity samples
  • Fastest response for online pH electrodes
  •  Unparalleled pH response to temperature changes
  •  Eliminates junction potential problems associated with conventional electrodes
  •  Industry leading UPW pH sensor technology is compatible with standard terminal connections on most pH controllers

Configured in a panel: A2303005 direct connect, A2303006 with preamp for long leads.


  • Boiler Water
  • Condensate
  • Bottling Water
  • Municipal Water
  • Water for Injection
  • Water for Fabrication


  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Semiconductor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Drinking Water


Our Thermo ScientificTM OrionTM 2001SC high purity ROSSTM pH electrode is a combination electrode designed for online applications when the highest accuracy and precision are required. The pH sensing and reference electrodes are combined into a single electrode best suited for high purity measurements. The 2001SC electrode is designed to be used in the Thermo Scientific Orion stainless steel flow cell, which holds and positions the electrode for optimal results.

The 2001SC high purity ROSS pH electrode is a research-grade electrode engineered specifically for use in online pH measurement applications. It is designed with a sidearm, for attachment to a reservoir of specially formulated ROSS reference filling solution. This ensures the outer reference chamber is always full, allowing the ceramic liquid junction to flow freely.

With its unique internal element system, the high purity ROSS pH electrode provides superior stability, faster response and greater accuracy than other conventional electrodes with silver chloride or calomel internal systems. The electrode response is fast; even in samples varying by 50 °C or more. Drift is less than 0.02 pH units per day, eliminating the need for frequent standardization.

The ROSS internal system is designed to have virtually zero temperature coefficient, that is, the potential difference between the elements is zero regardless of the difference in the temperature of the elements. The internal elements of the combination pH electrodes are housed in an electrode body that, in use, is partially immersed in the sample and partially exposed to the ambient air. Thus, the internal elements may be at different temperatures.

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