2111XP Thermo Orion Sodium Monitor

DIPA = General Use Sodium Monitor – used for 0.1 ppb to 10 ppm applications, where really low sodium levels are not encountered.   Innovative technology DIPA reagent and easy to use. Replaces 1811LL.

Cation = Measures in the highly acidic cation exchanger outlet. Used in the 1.0 ppb to 200 ppm range.  Used for Cation Exchanger regeneration made easy. Replaces 1811AO.

Ammonia = Used where low ammonium hydroxide reagent cost is more important than low end ammonia ion error. Detection limit of 0.3 ppb to 200 ppm sodium.


Need it to be portable?

  • A2303011 Sampling Cart system – integrate your analyzer onto our cart portable sampling cart system.
  • A2100095 Crate system – same configuration as our popular sodium rental system.
  • Rental System – portable sodium crate system

Need to measure multiple streams? 

  • 535 Multi Stream Sample Sequencer

Need to condition your sample?

  • 1803 online Steam Conditioner
  • A2303011 portable Sampling Cart