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2295 Thermo Orion Phosphate Monitor

Thermo ScientificTM products are designed to provide fast, accurate and reliable online phosphate detection – optimized for applications that require early detection of dissolved phosphates.



Phosphates are widely found in industrial water treatments, fertilizers, biological treatments, heat exchangers and other applications. Our Thermo ScientificTM OrionTM 2295 Phosphate Analyzer is designed to provide continuous and online measurement of phosphates. Monitoring and control of phosphate levels reduces the formation of scaling, microorganisms and other effects that decrease equipment efficiency.

The optimized design of the Orion 2295 Phosphate Analyzer, leads to drastically reduced reagent consumption and a lower cost of ownership.


• Optimized reagent consumption – is designed to allow for 45 days between reagent changes.
• Designed to provide accurate and precise measurements – allowing for fine control of the phosphate dosing process.
• Compact size and light weight – small footprint supports panel or wall mounting.
• Simplified operation – intuitive menu simplifies navigation.
• Low operating costs – minimal maintenance with low power consumption. Markets:


Applications: Demineralizer, Boiler Water

Markets: Power, Pulp and Paper, Chemical and Petrochemical.