401 Hot Condensate Conductivity Sensor

/401 Hot Condensate Conductivity Sensor



  • Rugged industrial conductivity sensor
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Rapid and accurate response
  • Weatherproof/explosion proof
  • Automatically temperature compensated
  • High operating temperature and pressure
  • IC CONTROLS factory-certified calibration
  • Constructed of 316 SS and PEEK
  • Direct insertion, ¾” NPT screw-in design, or install into a ¾” NPT tee. 1.0/cm and 2.0/cm constants require a 1″ to ¾” bushing and a 1″ NPT tee.
  • Submersion mountable, using ¾” FNPT on inside of a 1″ pipe and a long sensor lead.
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For Reliable Conductivity Measurement

  • Return condensates (0 to 100 microsiemens/cm)
  • Hot aqueous samples
  • Tough environment problems
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Conductivity Theory and Measurement

Conductivity definition, measuring techniques, etc
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High Purity Water Resistivity/Conductivity Measurement

Conductivity Measurements in High Purity Water Samples Below 10 uS/cm
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Hot condensate sensor

For options -0.1, -0.2, -1.0, and -2.0 for the 401 conductivity sensor.
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