406 High Conductivity Flow Sensor

/406 High Conductivity Flow Sensor



  • Industrial conductivity sensor
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Rapid and accurate response
  • Automatically temperature compensated
  • IC CONTROLS factory-certified calibration
  • Constructed of carbon, PVC and epoxy
  • Direct insertion screw-in design, cell can be installed directly into end of 1¼” pipe, or in flow cell design use 1¼” NPT tee
Selection Guide
User Manual
Engineering Specifications

For Reliable Conductivity Measurement

  • 0 to 12% NaOH
  • 0 to 15% H2SO4
  • High conductivity solutions
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Conductivity Theory and Measurement

Conductivity definition, measuring techniques, etc
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Assembly Drawing

Flowcell with 1' female national pipe thread

A2300051 = option -75 on model 406 conductivity sensor.
Assembly Drawing