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425 Quick Union Conductivity Sensor

The model 425 quick-union conductivity sensor is a universal version offered in an easy-to-install configuration for insertion or submersion applications. The union-style threaded fitting locks in the electrode for extra safety and ease of removal for calibration, cleaning or replacement.


Recommended for applications where frequent removal for calibration, cleaning or Q.C. checks are required.


  • Only one conductivity sensor needed for all uses
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Rapid and accurate response
  • Temperature compensator
  • Medium temperatures and pressures
  • Constructed with titanium electrodes and PVC/CPVC body/tip. For higher temperatures and pressures, option -53 provides PVDF/PTFE body/tip.
  • Quick-union design handles submersion, thread-in and flow-through applications all with one interchangeable sensor
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For Reliable Conductivity Measurement

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Medium-conductivity applications
  • Corrosive and chemical problems
  • Process liquids
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Conductivity Theory and Measurement

Conductivity definition, measuring techniques, etc
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