521 Process Sampler

/521 Process Sampler

521 Process Sampler

316 SS Industrial Process Sampler

We understand your need for a clean, representative, trouble-free sample for your on-line process monitors. Conventional filtering techniques accumulate dirt particles on the filter media until the media clogs and is replaced. The tangential filtration technique used in the model 521, however, passes virtually all of the particulate through the unit untouched.


Low Build-Up, Long Life

A backflush port is added to remove temporary accumulations or to inject a solution to sterilize the unit if used in the food industry.

The model 521 sampler can be used on hydrocarbon as well as aqueous process streams. Particle retention is 100% at 50 microns or higher and greater than 50% at 10 microns.

Materials: Housing 316 SS, cartridge, TFE, or PVDF

Connections: Process in/out ½ inch NPT, Sample/backflush 1/8 inch NPT

Temperature: 200 °C maximum

Pressure: 50 PSIG nominal

The use of the model 521 process sampler will substantially reduce your sample maintenance problems in the future.

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