600 pH/ORP Interface in Explosion Proof Junction Box

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600 pH/ORP Interface in Explosion Proof Junction Box

Model 600 pH Interface installed in an Explosion Proof Junction Box.

pH interface with preamplifier and terminations to minimize moisture and interference problems and provide field disconnect point f or 600 IC CONTROLS pH sensor with IC CONTROLS microprocessor analyzer. Includes wiring instructions and weatherproof /explosion proof UL & CSA junction box (for surf ace type J-box select option -71). Mounts on top of pH sensor or on support pipe via ¾ inch FNPT. Required when electrode is more than 30 m (100 feet) from analyzer.


For Reliable Measurement

  • Strengthens weak pH electrode signal and makes it stable
  • Minimizes moisture and interference problems
  • Versions available for use with any make of analyzer


  • Eliminates need for desiccants
  • Reduces electrical interference problems
  • Normally supplied in weatherproof/explosion proof UL and CSA approved junction box
  • Interfaces any electrode set to any analyzer (user specifies make and model of analyzer)
  • Wiring and hook-up instructions for analyzer specified are included
  • IC CONTROLS factory-certified performance

pH electrode signals can easily be disturbed because the electrode puts out a very tiny signal. Use of an industrial pH interface strengthens the signal so it has a reasonable chance of remaining stable in a plant environment. pH electrodes have a very high impedance which makes their leads like an antenna that easily picks up electrical noise. A 600 pH interface eliminates the noise pickup problem and connections can be extended to 1000 meters. Without a 600 pH interface, even moisture, dust and fingerprints can short the tiny pH signal.



Selection Guide
User Manual