603 pH/ORP Sensor, for Municipal Applications

/603 pH/ORP Sensor, for Municipal Applications

603 pH/ORP Sensor, for Municipal Applications

Reliable pH Measurement for Municipal Applications


  • Instantaneous pH response
  • Significant coagulant and reagent savings from no pH overshoot, resulting in better sustainable plant performance at lower cost.
  • Not affected by environments that coat and plug porous junctions.
  • Not affected by applications containing ammonia, chloride or sulfide ions. The solid reference stops ion flow and its resulting pH drift.
  • Zero pH reference maintenance
  • Reduced waste, operating life typically 3 to 5 times longer than conventional pH sensors.
  • Continuous water and waste applications.
  • Reduced inventory. The universal mounting has ¾ inch NPT threads for insertion, flowing stream, and submersion applications.
  • Completely encapsulated design allows total submersion.
  • Use with any make of pH meter. (Some makes may require an interface component.)
  • Plant, process or laboratory use

The 603 pH or ORP sensor body is made of polypropylene, with the electrode fully encapsulated for outstanding reliability on submersion applications. It mounts on a ¾ inch NPT thread in an insertion tee or fitting, and in the end of a 1″ (2.54 cm) support pipe, or can be suspended from its lead. The IC Controls unique patented “solid polymer” pH reference design is used to give fast response and long life even with constantly fluctuating temperature, pressure, oily coatings and poisoning ions. The 603 is compatible with many existing installations, fittings and analyzers.

For Universal Use

  • Submersion or insertion
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Process liquids
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pH Theory and Measurement

pH Measuring techniques, the sensing versus the reference electrode, etc
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