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613 pH Sensor, for Oily Applications

Expect 3 to 5 times longer pH sensor life even if the line fills with 100% hydrocarbon. At 100% hydrocarbon there is no pH reading, but as the % of hydrocarbon falls, the 613 recovers and reads pH!

  • Sour water strippers
  • All sour waters with H2S (hydrogen sulfide)
  • Overhead condensates with oil or light hydrocarbons and/or ammonia
  • Boiler feed waters
  • Oily waste waters
  • API separator waters
  • Stack gas scrubber waters
  • Sulfur recovery waters

Traditional refinery pH has suffered from highly inaccurate readings due to oil coating, junction plugging, and process contamination of the reference.

The model 613 advanced solid-state construction, by eliminating the porous junction in favour of an impermeable electrochemically active junction, not only stops oil clogging, but is also extremely resistant to all contamination as there is no route for process chemicals to contaminate the internal reference half cell.

Sulphides can not penetrate through the porous junction and cause silver precipitation in the junction and in the internal silver chloride half cell. Ammonia and cyanide can not contaminate the reference cell and form a complex with the fill solution, producing pH offsets.

The result is that the model 613 gives accurate, reliable, low-maintenance pH readings.



  • Instantaneous pH response
  • Significant savings from no pH error result in better sustainable plant performance at lower cost.
  • Not affected by hydrocarbons that coat and plug porous junctions.
  • Not affected by applications containing hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, or high chlorides. The solid reference stops ion flow and its resulting pH drift. The reference cannot be poisoned!
  • Virtually zero pH reference maintenance
  • Reduced waste, operating life typically 3 to 5 times longer than conventional pH sensors.
  • Patented pH reference
  • Reduced inventory. The universal mounting has ¾ NPT threads for insertion, flowing stream, and submersion applications.
  • Completely encapsulated design allows total submersion
  • Use with any make of pH meter. (Some makes may require an interface component.)
  • Plant, process or laboratory use

The 613 sensor body is Ryton PPS, with the electrode fully encapsulated for outstanding reliability on submersion applications. It mounts on a ¾ inch NPT thread in an insertion tee or fitting, or in the end of a 1″ (2.54 cm) support pipe. The unique patented “solid polymer” pH reference design is used to give fast response and long life even with constantly fluctuating temperature, pressure, oily coatings and poisoning ions. The 613 is compatible with many existing installations, fittings and analyzers.

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