614 True Union pH Sensor

/614 True Union pH Sensor

614 True Union pH Sensor

True-Union pH Sensor

The model 614 true-union pH sensor is a downsized version of the model 642, offered in an easy-to-install configuration for insertion or submersion applications. The true-union style threaded fitting locks in the sensor for extra safety and very easy removal.

For Universal Use

  • Submersion or insertion
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Process liquids


Recommended for applications where frequent removal in tough application for calibration, cleaning or quality control checks is required.


  • True union to lock in or remove easily
  • Rugged PVC body construction
  • Cushion-mounted pH electrode resists shocks
  • “U” shaped body protects glass tip from breakage during calibration, cleaning and accidental impact
  • Open electrode tip for easy cleaning
  • Large 13 mm (½ inch) diameter reference junction for reliable operation in the most dirty environments
  • Low maintenance, easy to calibrate
  • Rapid and accurate response
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User Manual
Engineering Specifications
Wiring Diagram

pH Sensor to Analyzer Connection

Electrical Schematic for Model 602, 605, 606, 607, 614, 615, 617, 625, 627, 642, 643 and 648
Wiring Diagram
Installation Drawing

Quick Connect Flowcell & Insertion Fitting

A2300121 = option -21 on model 414 conductivity sensor, 614 pH sensor, 814 ppm DO sensor.
Installation Drawing