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650 Two-Wire Economical

Economical Two-Wire pH Transmitter

IC CONTROLS brings you economy in a two-wire microprocessor transmitter. The 50-series microprocessor makes these transmitters flexible and easy to use. The transmitter is easy to install in a surface-mounting 10x10x10 cm (4x4x4 inch) size NEMA 4X (IP 65) water-shedding and corrosion-resistant plastic case, which can be supplied with pipe- or panel-mount kits.


Electrical hook-up is easy and economical! The 50-series transmitters operate on a two-wire twisted pair, 24 volt DC circuit. Because of the microprocessor we recommend a ground too. Both the power and its 4-20 mA output signal are carried on the same two wires. A side-mounted quick connect fitting makes it very simple to connect the wiring. Sensor connections are similarly quick-connected on the bottom.

Operation is simple. Without opening the case, users can view the sensor reading, the temperature in the sensor, and the last calibration record. Calibrations can be done without opening the enclosure using only the front panel keypad. Sensor health can be examined by viewing its memory records of sensor “cell constant” when calibrated and/or a list of “Analyzer Expert” error codes. Ultimately, the user enjoys the sense of being in control, which is a real advantage.

The model 614 sensor is the suggested sensor for use with the 650. When ordering replacement sensors, specify the TC using option -34P (1000 ohm TC, pin jacks).

Easy Program Does What You Expect

  • LCD displays pH or ORP, temperature, mA output and calibration status
  • Includes your pH or ORP sensor
  • Recognizes 4, 7, 10 buffer for easy calibration
  • Has sensor diagnostics
  • Tolerates faults and issues a caution
  • During calibration the output can be held
  • Set the 4-20 mA output span or zero from the keypad
  • All user adjustments made by keypad prompts
  • Short key sequences
  • Quick return to sample
  • Program easily goes back to what you were doing
  • Easy to learn

Easy Maintenance

  • Reliable, separately powered and input-output isolated circuit prevents computer interface problems
  • Calculates pH sensor zero offset and slope efficiency
  • Durable IP65 (Nema 4X) housing withstands hosing down. Survives acid and caustic fumes, humidity, etc.
  • Buffer standards available, traceable to NIST.
  • Field convert between pH and ORP using the keypad.

Note: The Model 650 is 24 VDC two-wire loop-powered and requires a source of 24 VDC power somewhere in the loop.

Selection Guide
User Manual
Engineering Specifications


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pH Theory and Measurement

pH Measuring techniques, the sensing versus the reference electrode, etc
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“I was happy with the level of service and timeliness. Would not hesitate to recommend IC Controls.”

from a GE Power & Water Account Manager using our calibration and repair services
for the Model 650 and 450 transmitters//414 sensor used in a steel manufacturing facility.

May 2015

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