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832 Oscillating Suspension Chlorine Sensor

Oscillating Suspension Chlorine Sensor

The model 832 free chlorine sensor is accurate, self-cleaning and rugged. The electrode is designed to withstand difficult waste water applications. The sensor is easy to recharge and calibrate.



  • Self-cleaning, oscillating action in turbulence
  • Fast, accurate and stable response, down to sub-ppm levels
  • Rugged PVC electrode body
  • Smooth, broad surface tip, resists biological growth from accumulating on the membrane
  • Factory-mounted membrane, easy to replace in only two minutes
  • Galvanic gold-silver battery chemistry is free chlorine specific. There is no need to compensate for non-chlorine gases

IC Controls developed the Model 832 suspension-mounted oscillating free chlorine sensor with the following benefits:

  • Pop-in membranes! Installation of factory pre-tensioned membrane module works every time with no special operator skills needed. The membrane will not wrinkle or tear.
  • Self-cleaning is achieved with a design that creates a rolling turbulence on the membrane. The suspension design of the model 832 allows the sensor to oscillate in the flow. Combined with the turbulence created on the sensor membrane, self cleaning is achieved. The free oscillating rotating action encourages rags to “spin” off the sensor. The durable PVC body, constructed from schedule 80 PVC pipe, is designed to withstand regular impacts typical in waste water processes. Even after months on line the sensor comes out of the effluent with a clean tip and membrane!
  • Air is purged from the cell as membrane module cap is threaded on, resulting in very fast stabilization. Self-regenerating electrolyte maintains consistent free chlorine readings during long operating runs without the need for re-charging.
  • Galvanic technology provides an absolute zero (zero current equals zero free chlorine) which provides excellent ppm accuracy even at very low levels. The gold cathode tip is unaffected by sulfides and other contaminants in the waste water treatment process.
Selection Guide
Engineering Specifications

Reliable Measurement

  • Free available chlorine, HOCl
  • Sewage
  • Heavy organic growth environments
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Chlorine Theory and Measurement

Chemical introduction to aqueous chlorine forms and properties; effect of and relation to pH/ORP; summary of free chlorine measurement technologies
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