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869 ppb DO Rental

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ppb Dissolved Oxygen Rental Unit

Log your ppb DO levels using an IC Controls portable ppb DO Analyzer, Model 869-22. Our precalibrated portable rental unit can handle your spot checks. This rental unit comes with both the analyzer and ppb DO sensor mounted on a stainless steel stand. This stand fits into a sturdy wood carrying/shipping case which is 14″ x 14″ x 17″, approx. 45 lb. The model 869-22 rental unit comes with quick connectors, IC Net-869 program and user manual, analyzer user manual, as well as RS232-to-USB adapter cable.

Rental available in Canada and USA only.  Rental terms and conditions apply. Minimum one month rental periods.  The rental system and travel box is our Model 869-22 and is available for purchase and is one of our top sellers worldwide.

Our rental units move fast and are usually in use in the field for long periods of time.



  • Measures D.O. within ± 1 ppb.
  • Data logs to internal memory over 750 readings.
  • If your PC is left connected any size log can be directly saved to its memory.
  • Memory log can be set to any frequency, and to stop at full or bump oldest reading.
  • Internal log can be downloaded later to your PC in convenient spreadsheet/graphing format.
  • Long-term stability.
  • Pre-calibrated for easy, fast start to your tests.
  • Galvanic technology provides an absolute zero D.O. reading.
  • One-button calibration makes calibration quick and simple.
  • Fast 30 second response.
  • Stainless steel flowcell and sub-ppb D.O. sensor.
  • Quality stainless steel and NEMA 4X, IP65 housing construction.
  • IC Net™-869 is included supplied on USB flash drive. Some users enjoy remote operating their 869 from the familiarity of their computer, instead of directly.
  • IC Net™ -869 communication is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Windows XP, making it easy to transfer data into your computer as a .csv file recognized by most spreadsheet and graphing programs.
  • Digital communication to a computer using USB (adapter included) or RS232.
  • 9V DC and/or 115/230 VAC powered

The intuitive user-friendly program “just seems to do what you expect.” The program has auto-calibration self-diagnostics and fault tolerance. The analyzer has dual programmable alarms with self- and sensor diagnostic alert, and output hold during calibration.

Engineering Specifications
User Manual


  • Deaerator make up water performance
  • Feedwater ppb DO
  • Condensate ppb DO
  • Ultra Pure Water ppb DO


Download Article

Boiler Dissolved Oxygen Control

Introduction to dissolved oxygen issues in boiler applications; deaeration methods, technologies and options; chemical background; control of boiler DO
Download Article
Download Article

ppb Dissolved Oxygen Measurement

Dissolved oxygen definition; calibration and measurement method; summary of ppb DO sensing technology
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“The unit performed great.  Service was great.  We will use more of services in the future.”

from Kelly using our Model 869 ppb Dissolved Oxygen rental unit.
December 2017

“Working with this unit was great. It is very compact and plug and play. Makes installation easy and readings stabilize quite fast.”

from Francois using our Model 869 ppb Dissolved Oxygen rental unit.
May 2014

“It was a pleasure dealing with your whole team; from the admin accounting to technical support. We were always serve professionally with a touch of kindness.”

from a WPS Account Manager using our Model 869 ppb Dissolved Oxygen rental unit.
December 2013

“I was very happy with the complete package of service provided … your team was professional and helpful.”

from a Consulting Engineer using our Model 869 portable Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer.
February 2012

“The 869 has worked reliably every time installed into application.”

from a portable DO Model 869 user.
June 2010

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