AQT1C4 AquaSensors AquaClear – Low-range Turbidimeter

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AQT1C4 AquaSensors AquaClear – Low-range Turbidimeter

Product Benefits

  • Meets or exceeds USEPA method 180.1
  • Pre-calibrated measurement
  • Plug & play sensor heads (digital versions only)
  • Simple to operate

Also available as a rental unit: AQT1C4 Turbidimeter Rental



  • Drinking water
  • Filter monitoring membrane filtration
  • Distribution monitoring
  • Wastewater effluent (clarified)
  • Packaged water systems
  • Food & beverage processing
  • Pharmaceutical process water


Thermo Scientific AquaSensors AquaClear Turbidity Measurement System

The Thermo Scientific AquaSensors AquaClear low-range turbidimeter system delivers accurate turbidity measurements in drinking water applications and other process applications to monitor water quality. The AquaClear turbidimeter uses a pre-calibrated plug-in optical sensor head. The sensor is inserted into a sample chamber specifically designed to condition the water for turbidity measurements. The measurement chamber removes bubbles from the water so that solid particles can be accurately detected.

Maintenance costs are low with the AquaClear system. The lamp provides collimated white light for a minimum of three years and is easily changed. The volume of the measurement chamber is 135 mL and requires a small amount of formazin to perform EPA-mandated calibrations, thus making the AquaClear turbidimeter a cost-effective investment.

The AquaClear system is offered in three convenient versions: a digitally networked version without a local display that can interface digitally with industrial control systems; a digitally networked version with a local display (AV38); and an analog version with a local display (AV88) that cannot digitally communicate to a host system but provides two analog outputs, two relays, and AC/DC power options. Both AV38 and AV88 local displays offer standard commands for calibration, configuration, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.