Chlorine XP Thermo Orion Multiple Parameter Water Quality Analyzer

From brine and wastewater to clean drinking water, the Thermo Scientific Orion Chlorine XP analyzer is designed to provide accurate, stable measurements of routine water quality parameters. With minimal maintenance, low cost of ownership, and multiple parameter measurement in one unit, the Orion Chlorine XP analyzer is a comprehensive water quality monitor.

High Performance & Reliability:

• Outstanding performance in harsh sample conditions (sea water, colored water, oil-water mix)
• 0-10 ppm measurement range in most applications
• Self zero calibration before each reading, enables “0” reading
• Wet tested for 24 hours before shipping
• 2 year warranty (1)

Low Price and Cost of Ownership:

• Free and total chlorine and pH, temperature (optional ORP, conductivity, and turbidity) in one analyzer – saves from purchasing separate analyzers
• Low and customizable reagent consumption (default ~0.033 ml/sample) – can last up to 2 months at 5 minute cycle times

Low Maintenance:

• Light source self calibration adjustment
• Hands-free self cleansing of the photocell
• Automatic elimination of bubbling in the photocell
• Maintenance reminders and alarms (once a year on average)
• Auto buffer recognition at 4, 7, and 10


• Up to 6, 4-20 mA isolated current outputs
• 6 relays
• RS 485, Modbus® protocol support
• Optional Ethernet protocol to operations center

SDS – Safety Data Sheets:
Quick link located in the main top menu > Knowledge Centre > SDS & COA – Thermo page

• For DPD4 buffer, enter  269693-A01-NA
• For DPD4 indicator solution, enter  269694-A01-NA
• For DPD indicator salt, enter  269691-A01-NA