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2002SS Conductivity Cell

Our Thermo ScientificTM OrionTM 2002SS 2-electrode conductivity cell is stainless steel, with a cell constant of 0.1 cm-1. This sensor, with its low cell constant value, is designed to provide high accuracy in low conductivity, ultra pure water and pure water samples in a process environment. Built with 316 stainless steel, this high purity sensor provides months of accurate measurements with virtually no maintenance between calibrations.

We offer superior performance across a wide range of conductivity applications to ensure optimum results with the confidence you have come to expect. Let us show you how to protect your most critical and expensive equipment with peace of mind and minimal maintenance.


As water is the universal solvent, it is used across a multitude of industrial processes. Conductivity measurements are an essential measurement for most industrial processes, from ultra pure water to final treatment applications. The measurement of specific conductivity related to impurities in an aqueous solution related to the concentration of dissolved chemicals is becoming increasingly more important for efficient process control. The mobility and valence of the ions in solution have an effect on the conductivity. Most ionic solutions will exhibit a linear increase in conductivity with a rise in temperature; however ultra pure water with specific compounds requires special compensation to obtain accurate results. Our industrial line of conductivity probes and monitors are designed for durability, reliability and high performance results every time.


• Power Generation
• Pulp and Paper
• Semiconductor
• Process Water
• Industrial Water
• Drinking Water
• Pharmaceutical




• Bottled Water and Municipal Water|
• Boiler Chemistry
• Cooling Tower
• Manufacturing
• Steam/Condensate
• Fabrication
• Water for Injection
• Electroplating

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