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2104CD Conductivity Monitor

Fast Response, Flexibility, Reliability and Ease-of-Use The 2100 series monitors provide accurate and reliable measurements in the harshest industrial environments. Offered in single channel or dual channel configurations, all with optional digital communication boards, set a new standard for ease-of-operation and measurement reliability. Combined with decades of superior Thermo Scientific Orion sensor technology, our systems provide rapid results with complete stability. The large bright backlit LCD provides a 3 line parameter display that includes scrolling text for menu driven measurement and calibration prompts. The rugged ¼ DIN chemically resistant enclosure offers NEMA 4X IP 65 protection while maintaining a small footprint for ease of installation in a panel (standard mounting) or for pipe mounting. Multi-level password protection offers the necessary security for data integrity. Supervisor to operator level access protects customized setup parameters and allows for read only access for measurement, calibration and diagnostic logs, thus preventing accidental changes or unintended modifications from occurring.


Security in your measurement results has never been easier. Developed over decades of expertise in ultra pure water analysis, our measurement and temperature compensation algorithms provide the highest level of accuracy across the most difficult high purity measurements.

Understanding the challenges of cycle chemistry, our system provides cation and ammonia/ETA compensation for customizing to your plant’s requirements.

Additionally, when deionized water production requires compensation for HCl, NaOH, and H2SO4 the 2100 series monitors perform without exception every time. Measurement output can be configured across four galvanically isolated 0-20 or 4-20 mA outputs or, when using the optional digital communication board, across Hart or Modbus protocol. Access to data and system performance is fast and easily understood across a wide variety of skill levels. The 2100 series monitors’ step-by-step scrolling text leads you through the quick calibration and setup submenus, ensuring success with each key press. Maximizing your process control potential with the highest quality measurements is now simpler than ever before using the 2100 series pH/ORP and conductivity monitors. Take a look why we continue to set the pace.


  • Single and dual channel configurations available for pH/ORP and conductivity — or a combination of both offers flexibility for loop requirements
  • Easy to operate and calibrate — the system walks you through the step-by-step calibration process, ensuring a successful calibration the first time and every time
  • Fastest most stable measurements, limiting unnecessary calibration cycles due to drift with superior Orion sensor technology
  • Measurements at a glance from any distance for even the lowest light conditions using the large operator friendly backlit display
  • Advanced user interface with detailed calibration, measurement and diagnostic menus
  • Ultra pure water compensation algorithms for low ionic strength waters
  • Cation and ammonia/ETA compensation to customize for various cycle chemistries
  • Password protection with supervisor to operator multi-level access — protects setup parameters and calibration data with simple view access
  • Expandable platform — single channel add on boards for second channel monitoring for pH/ORP or conductivity add measurement loops with plug in ease
  • Optional digital communication boards available for integration into your facility’s digital plant architecture
  • outputs (4 standard) are isolated and include both 0-20 or 4-20 mA ranges, with option for linear or logarithmic scaling
  • Rugged NEMA 4X ¼ DIN custom enclosure suitable for panel mounting (standard) or pipe mounting
  • Easy installation has your plant up and running in minutes