The Thermo ScientificTM OrionTM pHR Process ROSS(TM) electrode is designed to provide fast and accurate pH measurements in a variety of samples. The double junction design has a replaceable salt bridge that enhances the longevity of your electrode, eliminating frequent electrode replacement. A periodic change of salt bridge and electrolyte ensures performance to a  “like-new” electrode.

Key Features

• 1 inch NPT mounting
• Replaceable salt bridge
• PT1000 temperature element
• Available in cable lengths of 10 to 30’ — kits available to customize cable length
• pH signal transmission up to 3,000’
• Four models: 3 with pre-amp, 1 without pre-amp
• Rugged PEEK® material on body and salt bridge


• Field-proven ROSS drift-free reference system provides long lifetime
• Consistent repeatability in high usability type applications
• Double junction design prevents contamination
• Exceptional pH response to extreme temperature changes
• Optimum stability and accuracy in harsh operating environments


• Wastewater Treatment
• Industrial Water Treatment
• Drinking Water Treatment